Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Full costume

Von Pluschow occasionally posed his models in full Roman costume.  I'm no expert, 
but I think those flutes may have been borrowed from the Greeks.



  1. To the left are the "pipes of Pan" or panpipes - named after Pan, the Greek god of nature and shepherds, often depicted playing one - also known as a Σύριγξ (syrinx). It purportedly had its origins with the ancient Greeks, but given the wide influence of Hellenism, other cultures once under ancient Greek sway know of them in their early musical culture. The second is the Greek αὐλός (aulos), or double flute. There were, of course, over the centuries, different versions of the instrument, but the basic idea was as with the bagpipes, one flute would play a drone - on the tonic - while the other would provide melody, thus providing a basic harmony. The aulos was borrowed by the later Romans - known as a tibicen, from the Latin tibia, "pipe" - but was also known to pre-Ptolomaic Egypt, pre-dating Hellenistic culture by millennia. The two played together would certainly provide quite a trippy sound but despite the flowers, I don't think these two came from San Francisco.

  2. Pan is also the god of wilderness and disorder, whence our word panic.

  3. + la fotografia come macchina del tempo, come se fosse scattata nell'antica Roma e in Grecia. la grande influenza degli antichi nei tempi moderni, il genio di von Pluschow.