Friday, August 25, 2023

Madison Square Garden

It looks older, but this photo is from 1967 and was part of a series done 
by Grey Villet on the Narvaez-Laguna boxing match.  Sorry, but I 
don't know which guy is being checked out by the doctor here.



  1. Over the years - and probably thousands of photographs later - I cannot but be struck by the distinct difference there is in a changing room's ambience when when a team is photographed rather than individual athletes. It does not seem to matter if it is a baseball, rugby, soccer, there seems to be an ease and intimacy between players who actually play as a team. Individual athletes of field or track, swimmers, weightlifters retain a certain reserve and distance one from the other. I have experienced tremendous corps d'esprit, but not, I think, that inter-dependency and resulting trust that is essential in team players - and makes team sports so valuable as disciplines in schools and colleges in promoting teamwork in so many professions and jobs. Today's (much appreciated) series is full of that fellowship and trust but then, they say the camera never lies.

    1. You make a very good point. I think the "team building" exercises once so in vogue with corporate personnel departments were an effort to recreate that spirit.

    2. I think the boxer should be Argentine Omar Narváez since Ismael Laguna is black.

    3. Well, that would certainly be a clue. Thanks!