Saturday, September 9, 2023


The odd garment in this 1920 photo might interest Calorman.
The patterned background is also interesting.



  1. Nothing more than what today we would call a pair of "bikini briefs" used in gymnasia and other male-only spaces, usually for indoor sports. Of course, archery was considered very much a sport that had its debut in the 1900 Summer Olympiad. The only thing of real interest is the fact that this image seems to have been serialized in much the same way as those of the Victorian strong men, ushering in the more relaxed mores of the post-war world in 1920. Perhaps the archer had a fan base and a following.

  2. An interesting image. From the line, I assume deep tan, with some body make-up? That slightly awkward pose and arrow alignment does show off a strong left arm. Is the patterned background clouds? The whole package wonderfully inspiring.

    1. If they are clouds - and there's no reason why they shouldn't be - I think they must be in the Futurist sub-style of Cubism, given the backdrop's overall geometric quality and superimposition. This would fit the date and place the image in France or Italy, which also somehow unaccountably seems to "fit". Shades of Fritz Lang.