Thursday, September 14, 2023

Biker Hippie

It was not common to find a hippie, never mind a naked one, on a large motorcycle.  
(Bicycles and mopeds were more their style.)  Some outlaw bikers eventually
 grew their hair long, but this guy doesn't look like that type.


  1. The funniest man in Britain, Sir Billy Connolly, rode round the entire British Isles naked on a bike like that for a TV travelogue. His monologue at The Pretty Policeman's Ball - a gay charity event - about his penis's experiences on his bike was just about the filthiest and the funniest I have ever heard. The audience was crying with laughter. Still, someone important must have found him funny because he has now been knighted - and I have good reason to believe that it was no less than our new king.

    1. I want to see Billy Connolly naked, and Google Images search was no use at all. At least King Charlie is making himself useful.