Monday, September 11, 2023

Chuck Howard

Chuck Howard shows off his new winter coat in this 1940s picture.
That style would have been quite edgy at the time.



  1. The Duffel coat - made with duffel wool from Antwerp - was a mid-Victorian invention and gained currency when the Admiralty chose it, with a hood, for its "convoy coat" at the turn of the century. Outside the non-commissioned Naval officer's world, it remained the parental favourite of suburban schoolboys. I certainly never wore one, but boy-oh-boy, would I have worn one of those above, with its wooden toggles and horn buttons. I inherited my father's doeskin bridge coat when the Beatles revived the Victorian frock coat, which, along with the Routemaster bus and London taxi cab, was in fact designed in heaven, and so if I hang on long enough, perhaps I'll get to wear this duffel. What a superb image... What style... It shrieks "1940s". I want one. Now.

  2. In the fall collections, coats, jackets are all bulky and over sized . Which proves nothing ever really goes out of style.

    1. My grandmother always said never throw your old clothes away, because eventually they come back in style.

  3. Manteau raffiné d'un jeune aisé, une déclaration du mode.
    Posé comme s'il attendait une liaison privée, une déclaration sociale.
    Monsieur Howard sans aucun doute un favori de Platt Lynes. =