Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Bottom up

The perspective here makes his bum look out of proportion,
but there's something to be said for that.



  1. I had an American friend who swore blind that, like the Duke of Windsor, he never drank before 7.00pm. The only trouble with this immovable insistence was the self-evident fact that 7.00pm seemed to be very much a migratory concept. When I finally came to quiz him about this, he stared at me with one of those unblinking looks normally reserved for fundamentalist preachers who maintain that one of his congregants really did regrow a leg like an amphibian after a vehicular collision with a milk float in Dayton, Ohio, and, deadpan, repeated his contention... before adding, "after all, it IS 7.00pm somewhere in the world". I supposed this to true but would probably only ever have occurred to someone born in a country with time zones. He then went on to say in a tone of breathless intellectual inquiry, "Do you know the difference between a Southern Baptist and a Methodist? The Methodists greet each other at the liquor store..."

    It is exactly 4.30 here in London (British Summer Time) and thus 7.00pm in Tehran (GMT+3.30). So, Bottoms up! - stoning optional...

    1. Well, at the least the bit about Southern Baptists and Methodists was true.