Saturday, October 7, 2023

Find the Difference(s)

It's time for a second installment of the Estonian body typing (I think) photos generously shared with me by Larry K and an anonymous guy from San Francisco.  This time around, I want you viewers to point out the differences between the two men in the comments.  Note: On most viewing devices, clicking or tapping on the images make them appear in a larger version or become enlargeable.



  1. I just can't help but thinking that the cameraman enjoyed his job.

  2. I still dont get it, these pics are for the army enlisting, or just to showing body anatomy, i got no idea, as far as i looking at these pics, some of them holding their breath to hide their dad belly

    1. I agree about holding their breath, and I think the rationale for the photos (whether they are military or not) was for a comparative study of body types.

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  4. A fascinating study. It questions our aesthetic senses.