Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Howard the Hairy

I was so taken with the very hairy Howard Frame at right that his name was all I bothered to record when I stole this photo off Men From Back Then.  It looks like a Bob Mizer devil-themed film or photo set, and Mama Mizer should have fitted Howard with a smaller posing strap.  It's way too big.



  1. Mr. Frame has a nice frame, indeed.
    And yeah, that posing strap needs to be much smaller — take full advantage of those pubes poking out everywhere.

    SB Dan

  2. Yes! Mr Frame is indeed a lovely specimen. FWIW the other models are Ron Fisher (left) and Joe Diaz. I looked through my 29 photos tagged as Howard Frame and I have only 2 full frontal nudes. Both of these are in a group of 7 men (the names I know of are: Jim Barckley, Joe Ianini [a contentious ID there BTW], Jim Horn, Brian Idol and Sam Hunter). Maybe it's from that film with the title akin to 'Seven Athletes'? Or I may be wrong there.

    1. Thanks for the IDs on the other models, Brian! Could you please send me the other photos of Mr. Frame?

    2. I'm always happy to share my photos, Jerry! They're on their way to you.

    3. Got them, thank you, Brian. And what a fine group they are!