Saturday, October 21, 2023

Rusty Richards

Rusty Richards (1933-2023) should be better known than he is.  A real cowboy who grew up on a working ranch in Modjeska Canyon, California, Mr. Richards joined the legendary Sons of the Pioneers as a teenaged singer in the 1950s.  An excellent guitarist, he also had a successful solo career as a singer/song writer.  Somehow amidst all that, he fit in several stints as a Hollywood Western stunt man and never went long without going back to the ranch as a cowboy.  Rusty passed away on August 5 of this year, and his memorial was held on the land he loved.  
RIP and happy trails, Rusty.



  1. I really enjoy Sons of the Pioneers music. Your good research finds these interesting facts.

    1. A lot of people think their music is country, but it is more like Western Swing.

  2. This led me to look him up. Found of video of him. Seems to be a very sweet, gentle soul.

    SB Dan