Friday, November 24, 2023


It wasn't me who cropped this one.  The photographers and editors at the 1960s nudist magazines made sure to get the females in the picture in their entirety and in a flattering pose.  The men?  
Not so much.  They were lucky to get some space off to the side . . . if they were there at all.



  1. Damned heteros can't appreciate a good pecker and scrotum, so they relegate us males to the hinterlands.

    1. Sometime around 1963 or '64 the US courts ruled that nudist magazines could show package, and nearly all of them proceded to do it, but on a limited basis. I think they didn't want to attract a gay clientele, so they kept male frontals restrained. Wyngate and Bevins blew that model apart with their clearly gay themed publications labeled as nudist. The Germans, of course, never had this problem.