Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Why the string?

Why does this man have what appears to be a string around his waist?
It doesn't appear to have any purpose, seeing as how there is no posing pouch.



  1. I kind of like the string. It appears to imply minimalism. It's like a "string" bikini that shows everything. Very exhibitionistic.

  2. Online, I've seen "ball lifters" for sale that are just a string around the waist and wrapped around under the balls. If that's what he is wearing, it's working well!
    Great butt, too.

    1. Could be. I wondered if it had been drawn on, as a refference.

    2. Did they make such things back then? I think David may be right about a reference.

  3. Given the image resolution is difficult to see is a real "ball lifter" string or it is painted.
    By the way, anyone knows when the cock-ring was invented?
    Probably gay men in Egypt were using cucumbers as a dildo before the pyramids were built. The same with cock-rings.

  4. Could it be there because some classical sculptures depict boxers (for example) with their genitals tied up for fighting? Maybe this is before or after a match?