Friday, December 22, 2023


Pat Rocco did a number of photo shoots at iconic LA locations, and this one involving a model I can only identify as "Alan" appears to have been done on a hiking trail in the mountains above Hollywood.  I cropped it from a contact sheet of very good photos which I'm not sure were ever published.



  1. Alan's surname is: Dark. He is credited on the cover of Spree News Pictorial from April 1976 (with Ron Dilly) in a scene from Pat Rocco's film: The End.

    1. Thanks, Brian! Ron Dilly ended up in prison for reasons I haven't yet figured out. There is a photo spread in an issue of SPREE where Mr. Rocco and several others are visiting him at a minimum security camp. They showed an address so readers could write to Ron. If I can find out what all that was about, I will post it.