Monday, December 25, 2023

Christmas Triple Feature, Part 1 - Gay Couples

I've put together a Christmas Day triple feature, and part one is some very G rated couples who are said to have been documented as gay.  What I saw on the website where I found them inclines me to accept that.  We start with two handsome guys on tuffets, one with Argyle socks.

When you look at this set, please remember how difficult the lives of these men likely were.  
If they were found out, they could have been rejected by their families, evicted from their 
homes, fired from their jobs, assaulted, or arrested.  Their courage and steadfastness 
should be an inspiration for us to remain vigilant and even militant because 
there are people today who would take us back to that or worse.



  1. Love it, and thanks for the admonition. Vik

  2. What a lovely series, Jerry. I saw this picture and I hoped that they had more best of times than not. Then, for some reason, I thought of one of my favorite Alicia Keys songs, "Girlfriend."

  3. Very glad to see these. Nice set!