Friday, December 29, 2023

FKK - The 1950s Comeback

The Nazis banned the FKK movement in the early days of their regime.  It wasn't because they were necessarily against nudity.  Just look at the Nazi sponsored scuptures of Arno Breker and others for proof of that.  The generally accepted reason is that they didn't want any cultural or philosophical groups on the scale of FKK that didn't focus on Nazi ideology.  In the immediate postwar years, Germans were too busy just trying to survive and rebuild to do much else, but by 1950 they were back in the great outdoors in the nude.  Today we take a stroll through the 1950s with FKK, starting with this fellow from 1950 at a rural footpath gate.



  1. Do you know the current status of the FKK?

    SB Dan

    1. Still at it as part of a broader European naturist movement, but FKK is more of a philosophy than a distinct group these days.

    2. Initially the East German communist (influenced by the prudish Stalinist ideology) also tried to suppress the FKK movement but in the second half of the 50's started to be tolerated. And in the 70's and 80's became some kind of state sponsored policy.
      It made even economical sense: if most of the people sleep and swim naked, then you don't need to produce and sell swimsuits or pajamas...

    3. Yes, I have pictures of FKK enthusiasts in the DDR in front of their crappy Trabant cars.

  2. Die Nazis empfanden die FKK als Bedrohung, da die FKK-Mitglieder zahlreiche politische Positionen von kommunistisch bis monarchistisch vertraten.
    Auch rivalisierende Nationalisten in der FKK.
    FKK kaput in der Nazizeit.:(