Saturday, December 30, 2023


There might be some biblical reference in this Czanara 
photo of a young man weilding a jawbone.



  1. I was surprised to see a couple of his males were circumcised. Do you know if he used American models?

    1. This particular image is called La Chasse from 1960. I have seen references that he may have been American (but didn't do enough research to confirm it). His works were published in France, but doesn't mean the photograhs were all taken then. Doing some work in USA in the 1960s would have means "all american" models. But also, many from around the world would travel to Paris for various artistic endeavours so it is quite possible he got traveling americans/canadians to pose in echange for a bit of money. This particular model doesn't look latin/french to me. I Québec we joke about anglophones being square heads, but there is some truth to this and this guy seems more from english/german side of things.

    2. My uncle who fought the Germans in World War II referred to them as "squareheads" in his letters home to my grandparents.

  2. It was Samson who wielded the jawbone of an ass, but this guy doesn't look like the Samson type. More the David type.

  3. That is a small jawbone ( mandible) perhaps of a goat or sheep. To wield a jawbone as club you want one from a horse or camel or large donkey. And you would hold it at the other end so the thicker bone holding the teeth is struck against your enemy.