Monday, December 4, 2023

Horses and Men Day

Today's theme is one of my favorites, horses and men.  Yes, I do miss the ranch at times.
We start with a World War II German soldier and his horse taking a break.



  1. Jerry, are Ranches just in the western USA for the most part.? They are huge in El Paso and Texas and New Mexico. But in the Eastern USA East of the Mississippi it seems they are few and far between. What makes a "Ranch".?

    1. A ranch is an agricultural enterprise which focuses on raising hooved animals, usually cattle, rather than crops. There are some ranches east of the Mississippi, but they don't always call themselves such.

    2. A Ranchhouse is on one floor, because real estate is so plentiful, it makes a 2nd floor impractical...just spread out.
      A Rambling Ranch add the element of bending a corner, or raing or lowering a level to follow a non - flat terrain.