Thursday, December 7, 2023

John Skaggs by Bruce of LA Day

As promised a few weeks ago when I posted a single photo of a bearded John Skaggs in a Bruce of LA set, today we will see 10 shots of this great model.  The blurb at left of our first picture states that a single August of 1973 photo in QQ Magazine was followed up by a series in BODY.  Some quick research showed that QQ was the predictably short lived Queen's Quarterly.  Really, I couldn't make that up.  Poor Bruce Bellas, aka Bruce of LA, died about a year later.



  1. Thanks for a terrific posting, Jerry. This male is a gem!

  2. I really enjoyed this set. I have to admit this is a model that I don't recall having seen before today. That said, nice viewing on this bitterly cold December day!