Friday, December 22, 2023

SPREE Print Media

SPREE, or the Society of Pat Rocco Enlightened Enthusiasts, put out print publications under that marque over the years that ranged from simple newspapers to basic magazines to polished books of photos.  Above is a cover from 1977 featuring Roger, a model who went on to do some memorable glossy color nude spreads for Target Studio in Lancer, Blue Boy, and other magazines.

Live stage plays were a part of the SPREE entertainment offerings, and they actually won commercial success and critical acclaim in some instances.  "The Love Thief" was one that made the cover.

And then there were all those beauty pageants.  SPREE had Groovy Guy, Hunk Guy, and Worldwide Mr. Nude all male beauty contests, just to name a few.  More on that last one later today.