Saturday, December 16, 2023

Whit Duffy

I'm including this photo of Whit Duffy just to remind everyone that Mr. Lynes made his living 
doing stylish portraits and fashion photography.  I used three different search engines 
to try to find out some information on Mr. Duffy, but came up empty. Apparently,
 not all of the great photographer's portrait subjects were celebrities, fashion models. 
or nude models wanting something to send home to the folks.



  1. I don't know anything about Mr. Duffy, either, but there are other photos from this session. In all of them, he is looking very sophisticated! Book editors put him in the Fashion section rather than in the Portraits.

  2. GPL also did photographs of wealthy New York society people. Years ago a friend of mine who had a frame business showed me a photograph he owned and had framed. It was of a wealthy lady wearing an enormous diamond necklace. This lady had employed my friend as a butler years before. When he left her employ she presented him with stunning photograph. You could recognize it a GPL from across the room, and didn't need to read the back of the photo. I wish I could remember the ladies name, but she was RICH and had a mansion on Long Island. It was a beautiful portrait with impeccable lighting.