Wednesday, January 10, 2024

More Idaho Swimmers

We get some nice views in this Idaho CCC photo,
both up close and far away.



  1. We need another version of CCC, but participants would have to put down their phones long enough to shovel dirt, lift rocks and build trails-Dee Exx

  2. What a great series! I had never heard of the CCC before. Always nice to see young men in the buff, but even nicer to see them being productive and contributing to society. We need more of that.

    1. Yes, not only did we get to see some very nice looking young man, but it really feels good to know how much good was done.

  3. There are a lot of CCC photos in my home state; all featuring shirtlesses.

    The Job Corps here has done a lot of good work, building mountain trails, excellent mountain shelters full of wood carvings. They are continuing to do so.

    SB Dan

  4. Really great series in so many ways. The men, the nudity, the sswimming, their mission and them all working together and the settings. Really special one. Thanks!