Thursday, February 15, 2024

Look away

Our last von Gloeden model seems to be looking off at something to the side.



  1. Some of the models are quite attractive, but I get a feeling that van G was a bit exploitive in taking these pictures. For all the "art" involved, the males just seem like they posed out of desperate financial need.

  2. Wilhelm Vonn Gloeden is one of my favorite photographers. Many don't approve of much of his work, which isn't displayed on this site, but he, with several relatives and friends, put out a very large number of photographs. They didn’t all contain people or nudity, but his photographs of nude people are what drew my attention. Big Dude is correct in thinking that many were doing this because of financial need, but I believe that a lot of people who have posed nude probably fall into this category.

  3. I was so taken when I first came across photos by von Gloeden. love his work and love your posts of his work. Truly incredible from another time.

    1. I periodically remind people that von Gloeden had a side a lot of us could do without, that being his propensity to both photograph and take sexual advantage of underage males. He was eventually run out of Italy for it.