Sunday, February 11, 2024

The inevitable

You knew we weren't going to get through a nudist recreation series 
without some guys playing volleyball, and here they are.



  1. This photo was the cover photo from one the last version of the 80's official guide to East Germany's FKK beaches and camping places.
    It was sold at new stands and bookstores. That's why the frontal view man is using shorts, inside there are a lot of full frontals (male and female).
    I still have a copy at home, and then visited several of the places.
    The earlier guide version was issued in 1982, it can be downloaded page by page at:
    full information for the 1982 guide

    Baden Ohne. FKK zwischen Movenort und Talsperre Pohl.
    Friedrich Hagen. VEB Tourist Verlag Berlin-Leipzig. 1982

  2. me again, correction, that is the back cover page, the front cover has a fully frontal naked woman photo.
    The full title is FKK - Zwischen Ostsee und Vogtland 1987
    the publication ISBN is 978-3350002948 or 3350002943
    A censored sample can be seen at:

    1. Thanks for the details and the links! I had no idea this was from the DDR.

  3. Love the details and love the photo. Wish I was playing or at least casually observing. Oh my. So good.