Friday, February 2, 2024

World War I

I can't really say why, but I've always been partial to this picture 
of World War I German troops getting an outdoor shower.



  1. Back when having a dick was not considered a shameful secret.

  2. Always enjoy photos of the old outdoor military showers. This one gives lots of insight on how the whole process worked back then. Very nice. And of course a group of naked men.

    1. I should note that one powerful element in the feeling imparted by these shower photos is the fact that conditions at the Front for most soldiers were utterly horrid. Being removed from the front lines and given showers and a clean place to sleep had to have been a source of pure joy.

    2. Jerry, funny you should mention how much you like this photo because I found it fascinating when I first saw it (probably on this blog). Since I read "All Quiet on the Western Front" in high school, I have sometimes had a bit of an emotional reaction to photos of WW I soldiers, having just a small idea of what they endured. The way the men in this photo are staring at the camera somehow connects me to them and sort of transports me back to that field or meadow with them.

    3. Nick, I became aware of the horrors of WWI when I wrote my term paper for a college history honors course. I chose trench warfare as my subject, and have always had deep feelings for the men of both sides ever since. The vast majority of them were conscripts who would rather have been doing just about anything else.

  3. I wish these guys well. It wasn't easy, and neither was life for them after the war.

    SB Dan