Thursday, March 7, 2024

Bruce Weber's Bear Pond

Bruce Weber's 1990 book Bear Pond is filled with great photos, not all of which are male nudes.  Some great landscapes are in there along with some nice seminudes.  As the photos for Bear Pond were made in 1989, they just barely make my cutoff for vintage.  Today we look at ten photos from the book, original print run copies of which are now fetching upwards of $500.



  1. Wow, looking forward to this series. It’s a fine start with this one. Creates a magical place we wish we could visit and stay.

  2. I was working in a bookstore when this book came out (original price $60, which was quite a lot in 1990), and got one with my employee discount. I remember seeing a few years ago that on eBay, they're going for hundreds of dollars! I still have mine in near-mint condition--wonderful book

    1. Sounds like a good investment, not that you would ever sell it.