Saturday, March 30, 2024

George Platt Lynes . . . Again

Between photo releases from the Kinsey Institure collection and estate sales of photos entrusted by George Platt Lynes to friends and models, some pictures I haven't previously seen have been appearing on line.  Most of today's photos are from that group, and others were already in my collection.  Our first image is an unidentified young man against a graffiti laden wall.  I'm wondering if Mr. Lynes invited his friends and models to write on that wall.  It should have been preserved.



  1. He has a somewhat agonized expression on his face, n'est-ce pas?

    1. The expression could be interpreted a number of ways, and thay may have been the point.

  2. If this boy doesn't know what to write on the wall, I suggest this: "The men who built the toilet did more for men than the Queen of England!" :-)

  3. GPLPortrait of Bill Miller by George Platt Lynes c. 1953