Monday, March 11, 2024

Lovisone by Whitman

Carter Lovisone is an underappreciated model in my opinion.  This geometry inspired photo 
by the great Don Whitman of Western Photography Guild is quite special.



  1. I've always liked Lovisone. He's mature, well-built, and has a confident air about him.

  2. Excellent series today. Special thanks for this new addition to my Lovisone library. I agree that he is underappreciated. The thing that always comes thru to me in his photos is how completely unabashed he was about posing naked. Of course, he had a great body. But he always seemed to be one of those guys who was unself-conscious about being nude.

    I put Lovisone in the same category as Tony Sansone -- both were comfortable with being naked, and both had lithe bodies thanks to their background as dancers.

    1. Happy to provide the addition to your collection. I agree with you on all points.

  3. I would definitely agree. The fact that he is more mature and is comfortable posing nude adds to his appeal. This pose is stunning.