Monday, March 25, 2024

Segue Week, Day 4 - Physique Models with Staffs

Some of you may have noticed that several of yesterdays models were holding staffs.  Well, that leads us into today's set, physique models with staffs.  We start with John Farbotnik by Al Urban.



  1. Quite a tan on this male. It almost looks like he's working up to hurl a javelin.

    1. Although they did have fake tans by the time this was made, it seems more likely that he got naturally. There are stories of New York physique models of his era sunning themselves nude on the roof of a Coney Island bath house. I've even seen a few pictures, but they didn't show much.

    2. I remember Internet comments about suntanners on the roofs of Southern United States YMCAs having to get dressed after skyscrapers were built in those cities. Did the iron workers get any good photos?

  2. Utterly stunning. For me nicely illustrating, how the fully nude male shows his proportions far better than with trunks.