Sunday, April 7, 2024


The inclusion of this happy GI and his bananas came about because I've been obsessing on tending my restored backyard banana patch lately.  Well, it may also have to do with his good looks.
Many thanks to my buddy Dee Exx for todays military photos!



  1. Nice happy guy with bananas. And boots in a man with shorts is nice here.
    Good luck with your backyard banana patch. May a cute man walk through your patch.

  2. Very good looking and what a beautiful smile. Always nice to see our guys who served enjoying themselves and the camaraderie they had. I hope they all made it home. Thanks Jerry and Dee!

  3. What a pleasure to live in a climate that allows you to harvest bananas in your garden!!! Some Belgians plant a banana tree in their garden, but when winter comes, the banana tree dies without having produced any fruit!

    1. It takes well over a year for them to fruit here, and I had to start over after a disease hit mine.