Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Rock Hudson

For once, I have no words.



  1. Rock Hudson was truly a very handsome man. It turned heads, including mine. He was gay and never declared it. I think he was never completely happy living in hiding. I hid my homosexuality until the age of 42 and the person who had the most difficulty admitting it was me. Why was I attracted to men? In my time, I had to live in hiding. When I was 17, my mother once told me: "If I found out you were gay, I would throw you out and I wouldn't have any more sons." It was a different era...

    1. Totally different era. Thanks for sharing your experience, Albert.

  2. Jerry, do you recall that it was rumored that Rock had some friends who lived in the so-called Morro Castle in the Quarter?-Dee Exx

  3. Let us both enjoy him in silence, then.