Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Steve McQueen

I was surprised to find that this was the way Steve McQueen preferred to look from about 1967 until his death.  Most of his movie roles required the more trimmed version we all know, but when he wasn't working, he let his hair and beard grow out.  I found dozens of photos of him like this, but always far more casually dressed.  I like the contrast in this one, so I chose it.



  1. Thanks again for this series! When I came out in 1980, I was attracted to older men (you know, over 35 LOL) and hairy guys. Most hairy guys I encountered had been ridiculed by both stupid girls and by a gay community then hung up on the "Greek ideal" (think "David") and had never been appreciated for their fur. Well, I appreciated them silly and a couple were moved to tears by the validation (or as we say in Louisiana, valid-day-shawn) I'd like to think that the Bear movement played a part in ending body shaming-Dee Exx

    1. A lot of us share both your opinion and your experience, Dee.

  2. Just watched him in Bullitt for the umpteenth time. One of the best films of the 60's and one that could never be remade. Steve owns it. Enjoyable set Jerry.

  3. Can you see my dilemma, Jerry? Bears, bears, bears! How to decide?