Monday, April 29, 2024

Ted and Chuck at Fire Island, Part 1 - Outdoors

Over the years I have posted several photos of Ted Starkowski and Chuck Howard together.  Today I am posting my entire collection in three parts.  The photos are said by some to have all been made in 1951, while others say they were made over the course of their tumultuous love affair from 1951 to 1953.  Whichever is correct, they are truly remarkable.  When they began their relationship, Ted had been modeling for George Platt Lynes and others for several years.  Chuck had initially been Bernard Perlin's lover, but when Mr. Perlin got a fellowship to study to Paris in 1950, he literally handed Chuck off to Mr. Lynes.  When they broke up in 1951, Chuck moved on to Ted.  Mr. Howard had an interesting life before and after Ted, and he will get his own series in the future.  Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these truly remarkable photos, even though several are repeats.  All are by PaJaMa.


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