Saturday, May 25, 2024

Early 20th Century German

In the early 20th Century, the German photographers came to the forefront of male nude work.  Through most of the 19th Century, France was predominant, but that changed.  Whether it had to do with the Wandervogel nature movement or FKK, I don't know, but the trend is there.  Today I am featuring ten examples from this period that are thought to be independent artistic works rather than representations of the well known outdoor enthusiast organizations mentioned above.  We start with this 1925 imaginary archer from Die Schonheit, a magazine popular with homosexuals.



  1. The light/shadow contrast is interesting here.

  2. So artistic and well composed.
    Tableau style photos of nudes were also popular in Germany at the time….:)

    1. Other than being a bit grainy, I can find no fault with this one.

    2. His utterly sublime pose shines through the grain. From the knee padding, I'd say a professional life model.