Monday, May 13, 2024

Men on the Diagonal

Today we will see some models posed on the diagonal,
starting with John Nogar by Bruce of LA.



  1. Isn't the lighting her beautiful? His torso musculature is nicely highlighted.

  2. Theft in progress. Expect to see this soon on MFBT.

  3. Beautifully lit and composed.
    Daring nude for the time, Nogar was handsome and willing.
    No doubt Bellas was inspired by Juleff,
    both had an artistic appreciation of the male nude form. Wonder if they ever corresponded with each other….:)

    1. It's hard to trace the interaction, if any, among the classic era physique photographers. There are clear indications that the Los Angeles photographers knew each other, including photographs of them together. Chuck Renslow of Kris is known to have traveled to LA and photographed a few well known models. It's hard to imagine him having done that and NOT having encountered Bruce, Pat Milo, or Bob Mizer. As for Doug Juleff, his career ended so disastrously, it seems unlikely he made it to LA.

  4. The lighting and shadow are exceptional. Absolutely beautiful!