Friday, May 31, 2024

Peter Berlin

It was 1978 when photographer Peter Berlin posed for Don Herron.  I have to be honest and say 
that I find photos of Peter Berlin taken by others to be far superior to his multitude of self 
portraits.  Search as I might, I haven't been able to find any photos this guy took of anyone 
but himself.  Narcissism, anyone?  Having said all that, I may give him a day here.  
I post material that I don't personally like on a regular, if infrequent, basis.



  1. Narcissism, no doubt, but his portraits also might be a Freudian reaction formation response conveying the message "F---k You, this is who I am. He did turn heads.

    1. I think I read somewhere that he started out as a model and decided he could make more money photographing himself.

  2. Wie Sie Amerikaner sagt , “overrated”.

  3. he did take some nudes with a one time young boyfriend so was always called 'troubled'.