Sunday, May 26, 2024

Playgirl in the Seventies

It's time for another visit to my Playgirl files with the focus this time on the 1970s.  I am posting these in the order in which they appeared in the magazine.  The issue dates are the best I could come up with between original sources and our friend Mr. Google.  More than a few Playgirl models appeared more than once, there might be other dates for the same models.  We start with the first of three men from 1974, Bill Doublas and his tan lines from March.  There may be a color version of this somewhere, but Playgirl was still publishing some black and white images when this appeared.



  1. Big Dude, we are definitely becoming more and more alike in our tastes!!

  2. Bill Douglas was one of my favorites. The original of this was in color, highlighting his sandy hair. Sandy hair all over. Even, um, down there.

    SB Dan

    1. I do have some color photos of him, and you're right about the hair color.

  3. Ah, these men... For those of a certain age, they haunt us. Poor grainy reprints, carefully hidden. "Oh, why couldn't they have shorter hair". But they formed the foundation of our emerging taste in men. And still do. Thanks, Jerry, great memories.