Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Tattoo Day

The theme today is heavily tattooed men, and we start with a guy with myriad of images on his skin.  The photographer helpfully provided a measuring stick and photographed him from all sides.
We will get a look at the other three pictures at intervals in today's series.



  1. A lot of my friends have tattoos, albeit not the coverage shown here. I'm out of the zone and on blood thinners, so I'll not be getting any.-Dee Exx

  2. Though this guys seems to be from around 1940 and maybe from France there is something familiar about him. An amazing number of tattoos and coverage.
    I don’t have any tattoos either but dated a tattoo artist off and on for a long time. Some people just keep coming back for more.

  3. I wish to lodge a complaint due to all the work you FORCE me to do when watching your images :-)
    Text I can make out on the tatooed body: (top to botto)
    (at clavicle level, can't read it but appears to start with Mexi)
    Souvenir - Sahara
    Afrique - Maroc
    Union fait la force
    Honneur et Fidélité

    Notable: Union fait la Force (union gives strength) is the motto of Belgium and other countries.
    Honneur et Fidélité (honour and fidelity) is/was used by the Foreign Legion of French Armed Forces (as well as a group of swiss armed forces).

    So my take is that this guy had been in military from either France of Belgium and had participated in misions to many countries in Africa and had those souvenirs tatooed on him.

    Quite the work of art all over.

    Look circumcised but could be permanently retracted foreskin.

    1. Don't blame me. You might be obsessive, but you could never beat me in that department. Seriously, though, thanks for the background info.