Sunday, May 5, 2024

The End

Our last item from the Piers was obviously posed with some thought,
 but like many gay cruising venues, posing was what it was all about.



  1. These are always fascinating to see, I remember going to NYC with friends in the 70's and they always wanted to see the Piers and Times Square. There was something exciting and maybe even dangerous about it, long before it was sanitized and Walt Disney-fied. That was the real NY. Thanks for this Jerry.

    1. You're welcome, Pat! I made my first visit to NYC in 1979, and although I was out, I was clueless about the Piers scene. Christopher Street was another matter, and I saw some eye opening goings on in the bars there.

    2. The 1970's were the best, I remember my first time going to a gay bar/club in Toronto. I felt I had gone through the looking glass! I am sure a lot of us felt we were where we belonged. I know I did.