Saturday, May 4, 2024

Albert's Blog

The artist, writer, and now blogger formerly known as Albert the Gay Belgian

My Belgian friend Albert is an artist, published author, and frequent commentator here under the screen name Coquin Belgium.  You may remember him better as Albert the Gay Belgian. In any case, he has now taken up blogging, and today I am featuring 10 photos that I found there.  What I'm showing is only a small segment of the range of material you'll find.  He posts mostly modern photos, some of which are quite explicit, but his vintage posts are my favorites.  And if  you like hairy men from any era, you will be happy.  Above is minor league baseball player Billy Joe Davidson in the shower by Ralph Crane for LIFE in 1951.
Take a look for yourself at:



  1. I was wondering what was going on on my blog with more than 400 visitors when I discovered that it was you, Jerry, who posted photos of my blog on yours!!!
    Thank you for this ad, it really makes me happy. Kisses to all visitors!!!

  2. Did Life publish this and other male nudes in the 50’s? I’ve seen other locker room photos with frontal nudity that are attributed to Life, but that doesn’t mesh with the narrative that the US had a fear of penises.

    1. No, these were cropped . . . if they were used at all. LIFE never published any frontals, and only very rarely was a bit of butt crack shown.