Sunday, June 16, 2024

Basement Bar

This was supposed to have been made at a holiday party in a basement bar that had dancing.
Unfortunately the location and date are unknown.



  1. Looks like guys having a gay old time in the early to mid fifties.
    Back then bar raids were frequent, straight bars would be raided for illegal gambling or narcotics dealing, gay bars for just being gay.
    The names of the bar and the owner would be in the local newspaper, for the gay bars it would include all employees and customers with names, ages and addresses to purposely shame them. Many would lose their jobs and be disowned by their families.
    One can only imagine how many we see here went through that hell.
    Today some wish to go back to this sick form of tormenting gays….:(

    1. We need to be vigilant and militant to prevent such backsliding. The enemies of freedom have started by curtailing women's rights, and make no mistake. We are on their agenda.

    2. Gay bars, including Stonewall, were also often owned by the mafia, which just made for another excuse to raid them. But as I said, there was a two-tiered system at work: Rich white suburban gays weren't really at risk, but if you were black or trans or lived in the city, your only resort was the mafia-owned bars.

    3. Stonewall the bar did indeed have those unsavory connections. Stonewall the gay history milestone tends to overlook that.

  2. I actually know someone who lived in a house with a basement bar. They bought it in the 80s. I wonder if it was a gay mecca in the 50s.

  3. Privates Foto in einer diskreten Bar, gewagt in Amerika und auch Europa.
    Zweiten schwuler Freude.:)