Thursday, June 27, 2024

Jean Ferrero Duo Day

It's been so long since I did a Jean Ferrero series that I decided to post an all duo set
 to make up for lost time.  We start with Eddie Spremberg and Jean Daniel.



  1. His name was in my head just before I logged on! So seeing the header... Lol. Telepathic senses at work no doubt!

  2. Lovely duo. As ever, so often there is a bit of "what would you like us to do" about it. Two splendid, contrasting physiques.

  3. I'm sure many of us enjoy seeing Ferrero's excellent work. Personally, I love their outdoor naturalistic European feel. Whilst although muscular, and some doing bodybuilder style poses, many of the models have more of a naturist look to them. Also, often uncut and modestly/averagely endowed.