Saturday, June 8, 2024


OK, this poolside gentleman is late middle age going into senior,
but I had to include him and his low hangers.



  1. Still handsome and a fine physique. Great low hangers. Perhaps a lifelong naturist. I do hope that he encouraged younger men to join.

  2. The gentleman may be at Freddie Gordon’s Spartans of Tropical Gardens nudist park in Florida. The park was used as a location to film naturist flicks in the 1960s. He looks like the red short wearing camp counselor used in Barry Mahon’s nudist flick ‘Nudes on Tiger Reef’ which was filmed at the nudist park.

  3. The "low hangers" as you call them are hydroceles around the testes. The sac which normally surrounds the testicle has retained fluid and ballooned. It is painless however can become problematic to the individual if the swelling increases.

    If the swelling is minimal the male might feel he's grown larger testicles when he's merely retained fluid which doesn't drain away. The swelling may increase to a size that becomes uncomfortable or embarrassing to the man forcing him to seek surgical correction.

    Hydroceles can be caused by rough masturbation, infection, or injury, Google the word to find out more.

  4. Gutaussehender FKK-Herr in Amerika.
    Foto ist eine Genuss.:)