Thursday, June 20, 2024

William MacTaggart

Like practically all 19th Century art students, Willian MacTaggart (1835-1910) had to take a turn at doing male nude work.  He did the above at age 18 in 1853.  He is widely regarded these days as one of the foremost landscape painters in Scottish history, having used the Impressionist style.
Here's a photo of Mr. MacTaggart:



  1. Replies
    1. As an artist yourself, I thought you would like this series, Albert.

  2. I love his seascapes, especially The Storm. This is very impressive, such a handsome and well built subject. I would like to see a photo of him.

    1. While there were photographers doing male nudes in 1853, the chances of this model being one of their subjects is, alas, pretty low. We can dream, though. Meanwhile, Mr. MacTaggart has left us a fine likeness.

    2. Even a photo with clothes on would do, we already know what to expect!