Monday, July 8, 2024


The model here is Willy Schmeltzkopf, an early 20th C. strong man who posed in 1913 in a boat wearing a fig leaf, above.  Someone came along a hundred years later and photoshopped him, below.  For once, I thought something wasn't right, and my research bore that out.  FWIW, at first glance the photoshopped version made me think of Bruce Weber's Bear Pond series.



  1. Can't say I mind the photoshopped picture. BigDude.

  2. Everyman's built-in plumb bob, does tend to out the fakes. Oh, that the original was nude, though.

  3. The Original Photo looks like the fig leaf was drawn on after he posed Nude. Sort of like what Physique Photographers used to do with adding Posing Pouches to fully nude models to get around the laws about fully Nude Men. It does not look like Willy was actually wearing that fig leaf when the photo was shot.

  4. Auch bekannt Willy Olympier.
    Er spezialisierte sich auf Tableaux Vivants - lebende Skuplturen der klassischen Antike, eine beliebte Unterhaltungsform von 1900-1914.
    Schmelzkopf war ein bekannter Kunstsammler in Hamburg.