Monday, January 28, 2019

Wrestling, physique model style . . . fake, of course

Monday's theme is fake physique model wrestling.  We start with two guys who look like they might have worked for Old Reliable in his early days.  Edited to add:  Viewer jsstrand identifies the guy in front as "Mark," a regular Old Reliable model.


  1. I have the front guy in my Old Reliable folder as "Mark" - he often posed with a cigar - he is a lookalike to Steve Cougar but has an arm tat- I cant identify the other guy

    1. Thanks! I knew I had seen him somewhere, and he fits the type.

  2. Ce que j'apprécie le plus dans ces photos vintages, c'est que les hommes poilus restaient avec ce que la nature leur avait donné, leurs poils... Je ne comprendrais jamais qu'aujourd'hui, les hommes se rasent.. C'est tellement beau un homme qui sait rester naturel sans succomber à une mode qui les condamnent à supprimer les signes extérieurs de leur masculinité...
    What I appreciate most in these vintage photos is that the hairy men stayed with what nature had given them, their hair ... I would never understand that today, men shave .. It is so beautiful a man who knows how to remain natural without succumbing to a fashion that condemns them to remove the external signs of their masculinity ...