Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Kip Behar was a late 50's and early 60's California bodybuilder who had a go at an acting career.  He managed to get a speaking role in 1963's forgettable Beauty and the Body, but he was better known as a member of Mae West's beefcake stage review.  Kip did tons of modeling work for Bruce of LA and Pat Milo, and his relative few photos by Chuck Renslow are thought to have been made during one (or more) of Renslow's visits to Los Angeles.  At last report, Kip was 80 and living in Van Nuys.


  1. Was'nt he the lover (for some time) of Anthony Perkins ? Thanks .

    1. I don't know. Some google searches only produced unconfirmed rumors of Kip having an affair with Rock Hudson. Hudson, however, was supposed to have had a fling with Perkins. All this is gossip, though.