Monday, July 15, 2019

This late 60's photo is pushing my self-imposed "no action porn" rule yet again, 
but at least they are only in the foreplay phase of their encounter.
Edited to add:  Check the note below by jsstrand for some interesting info on this photo.


  1. Le poilu de gauche!!! Une merveille. Plus il y a de poils, plus j'aime... Masser, caresser, et bien plus, jamais je ne me lasserais !!
    The hairy left! A wonder. The more hairs, the more I like ... Massage, caress, and more, I never get tired !!

  2. I believe the furry one is Brad Peters aka Jeff Woodward aka Keith James - he did 8mm loops for Nova films and was in some early Higgins vids as well - he was around for quite a while for other studios including later ones with grey hair - he did age pretty well but I believe he eventually was a victim of the aids epidemic - I have this same pic in my files but no info as to studio or names