Thursday, April 16, 2020

This is the same model as in the preceding image,
only from a different angle and different position.


  1. L'avant me plait beaucoup, mais l'arrière mmmm peut-être pas assez poilu à mon goût, mais ce modèle me parait encore assez jeune...
    The front pleases me a lot, but the rear mmmm may not be hairy enough for my taste, but this model still seems quite young ...

    1. Unfortunately, a technical aspect of 19th C. photography tended to show less hair than was usually there. Every now and then it comes through, but not here.

  2. I wonder what the model was thinking about as he stood there? I know the camera system was rather temperamental, many repeat shots were done. Reloading all the photographic plates must have taken some time. Also as these were taken in sunlight they had a to allow for changing shadows. I need to investigate...