Monday, June 29, 2020

And the winner is . . .

Our Monday series features the winners of nudist trophies.
I think this guy must have won for his good looks.


  1. As well he should! Handsome as all get out and look at that chiseled line from his biceps to his pecs. Beautiful. I doubt that I could ever have joined a nudist colony. Weren't there strict rules about men always remaining in a flaccid state? One look at this guy and a certain part of my anatomy would definitely start "reacting"!

    1. Outside of gay clubs, yeah. But there was also some racism (a lot of nudists think Mexicans are voyeurs and get big into noble savage bullshit) and enforced gender ratios (no fewer than one woman per man in your party). In some places, even being too big or (in the States) uncut coUld cause stares.

    2. Most clubs discriminated against single men as anonymous says. They generally were pretty tolerant of differing body types, though, with the exception of a few snobby California locations.

    3. Don't put it all in past tense--they are still doing it today. I cannot visit the nudist club that is 10 minutes from my house until I find a female companion to go with me!

    4. Why am I not surprised? Some things don't ever seem to change. Ask any Black person.