Sunday, July 5, 2020

Based on his youthful general appearance, early stage of body development, 
and the restrained level of his trademark pompadour hairdo, I'd say this 
Douglas of Detroit photo of Vic Seipke was made early in his modeling career.


  1. But the hairdo was already his trademark .

  2. Always a joy to see Mr Seipke.

  3. Although my preference is for hairy guys, I've always found Mr. Seipke to be one of the most beautiful models of all time. I'm fascinated by his apparent non-reluctance to appear full frontal nude in so many photographs. What was up with that anyway?? I remember seeing a picture of him a few years back with his wife so apparently he's straight. And I just looked him up and he's still alive and 88 years old! God bless him.

    1. I would love to interview him. The great bulk of Vic's modeling work was done for Douglas of Detroit, although he did a few for Clifford Oettinger and Bob Delmonteque. Doug Juleff was not known for doing many derriere shots, so that might account for the large numbers of full frontal photos taken of Vic. Of course, he had to be willing to do it, so his preferences probably fit in there somewhere. Doug's models were among the very few to have been harassed by police, and we have to wonder if Vic was caught up in all the repression of the 1958 Detroit raid. I'm glad to hear that he is still with us. Thanks for commenting.

    2. I do hope you get the chance to interview him. One of the few links back to the golden age of the vintage muscle men. I know some tried to conceal their nude work, but as Vic did so much I do hope he is proud of it.