Thursday, October 8, 2020

Bob Mizer seems to have liked photographing guys in acrobatic positions because I have a lot 
of such material in my AMG folder.  Of course, when you've taken about a million 
(no exaggeration) photos, I guess it's bound to show up more than a few times.

P.S.  I love the way Mr. Mizer caught the model's hair on the fly in this one.



  1. This is too sloppy in lighting, posing, and composition to be anything but AMG. The bottom models face is obscured and unlit, but his sac and hairy crack are interesting if not erotic. The Elvis double probably just didn't comb his hair well before the session. When you compare this to a Lon of NY, or Douglas of Detroit, or even Pat Milo their photos are much better lit, composed and if not elegant.

    1. Well, you have a point, but I will only add that there are much worse practitioners out there . . . Barrington to name the most notorious one. Mizer had moments of brilliance, but it was almost impossible not to when you consider the sheer volume of the man's work. He is reliably reported to have made over a million photos in his lifetime. Having said all that, I admire his determination in the face of persecution and the sheer breadth of his model pool. James over at Men from Back Then just ran some really interesting photos Mizer made, some of which used atypical models.